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In 1907 Maria Montessori founded "La casa dei bambini" in Rome
in which she began to apply her educational method
first to children with cognitive difficulties
and later to all the children.

In the 1950s Reuven Feuerstein formulated
the theory of structural cognitive modifiability.

In 1964 Bruner published "On Knowing. Essays for the left hand ".
For  Bruner it is necessary to explore a multiplicity of psychic activities:
the perceptual, the conceptualizing and the categorizing,
then the  representative (endoactive, iconic and symbolic)
and, in the end, the  artistic and the mythizing one.

In 1983, Gardner identified a multiplicity of intelligences
to be developed in every child.

In 1987 one of us expressed the need to build expert systems
also in the educational field.
But computer and electronic technologies were not yet mature.

In 2016 Wavedu srl was founded as Innovative Startup.
Many of the people who collaborated in the creation of WaveduCoach
have  worked for years in the fields of Information Technology,
Disability,  Teacher Training and have offered their skills
to realize the  interactive HW, the AI ​​and the educational SW
to be used to improve  the educational offer.

In 2017 our group applied for a patent
on a HW & SW platform that recognizes objects,
their localization on it.
The AI ​​Deep Learning organizes and processes the data received
and makes them act on a screen,
while the human operator supervises.

Wavedu Administrator Francesco Mordente

We want to use the very high Italian skills
to combine the Hardware & Software with the research
in the fields of pedagogy and neuroscience.
With the high profile of the Italian Brand,
we intend to offer quality answers
to the needs reiterated daily by people,
children and adults with Special Educational Needs and their families.
Answers which take into consideration
the totality of the person and not just an individual
who must be trained.

WaveduCoach product presentation,
speakers dr.ssa Stefania Riso, Coordinator of Associazione OmbraLuce from Salerno,
dr.Stefano Pagliara, Vice President of Donation Italia,
Dario Rampolla, Vice President of Associazione Forma Mentis from Salerno.

WaveduCoach uses a Deep Learning application
to analyze the meaning and the context
of structured and unstructured data,
coming from the exercises,
favoring the skills that can be reached first,
without neglecting the qualities of which users are less provided.

Deep Learning offers more individualized paths
and constantly supervises the path
defined by the intervention team.



(C) 2017. Wavedu s.r.l. Startup Innovativa - wavedusrl@pec.it - Via Arce, 17 - 84125 - Salerno (Italy)
P.IVA IT 05553500652
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