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we will be back on Kickstarter and invite you to support us!

WaveduCoach, with moments of play
magical, fascinating and always with new contents,
helps the child to improve his mental processes
because action also directs thought.

In WaveduCoach the child moves characters and concrete objects
and the story built on the interactive surface becomes animated on the screen
making the same objects and characters act in the virtual world.

WaveduCoach uses methods, techniques and Artificial Intelligence systems.
It applies Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences to pedagogy
and utilizes with Deep Learning
new personalized educational strategies
based on the proposals of Montessori, Feuerstein, Bruner
and on new neuroscience research.

While playing games, WaveduCoach
can be used independently.

Using WaveduCoach is like being supported
by a constantly available Coach
even if you are at the seaside or on a mountain.

Our interactive USB interface is very simple to use.
Just connect it to a PC or tablet or smartphone and,
when you place a background or object on the interface,
it is recognized and will appear on the screen.

WaveduCoach offers contents and uses methods, techniques
and artificial intelligence systems to develop personal skills.

It starts from the strengths of the child and the respect for its qualities.

The AI, after analyzing all the data,
offers more individualized paths
and constantly supervises
the path defined by the intervention Team.

WaveduCoach uses a Deep Learning application
to analyze the interrelations and the context of structured and unstructured data,
coming from the questionnaire and the exercises,
favoring the skills that can be reached first.

The child is free to choose the material
with which he wants to start practicing,
because children like to do what they are good at
and they are good if they do what they like.

In this way the child can start from his desires
and from the games he likes the most
to follow the structured path
which starts from that activity to enhance every his single intelligence,
through discovery, valorization, compensation and stimulation.

The child is helped by AI to self-correction and error control
while the Caregiver intervenes
to stimulate, evaluate and control.
We therefore give educators the opportunity
to focus on the observation and evaluation of the child's work.

It is as if the child had three tutors at the same time:
the first tutor (the AI) proposes, suggests and helps,
with possible corrections, the child in the development of the item,
the second - still the IA - observes, takes note of the activities and answers given,
while the third, the specialist or the caregiver,
supports the child and evaluates the results and reports of the AI.

We apply a cognitive Coaching based on active learning,
without psychodiagnostic or interpretative approaches
and without making any kind of evaluation on the person.
WaveduCoach offers contents and methodologies oriented to develop
skills and personal intellectual autonomy
- in a controlled environment - using
concrete and advanced methods, techniques and tools.

(C) 2017. Wavedu s.r.l. Startup Innovativa - wavedusrl@pec.it - Via Arce, 17 - 84125 - Salerno (Italy)
P.IVA IT 05553500652
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