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WaveduCoach, with fascinating and always new magical moments,
helps the child to improve his mental processes
because action also directs thought.

In WaveduCoach the child moves characters and concrete objects
and the story built on the interactive surface becomes animated on the screen
making the same objects and characters act in the virtual world.


We have presented on Kickstarter our products,
which for the occasion have been offered with a 20% discount,
we will be back on Kickstarter and invite you to support us!

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Wavedu learning systems, with the multiform approach to multiple intelligences, use the AI to direct, facilitate and consolidate learning by allowing the user to use his hands in a completely natural way to move players, NPCs, objects to make himself free to follow the proposed way of thinking.

With WaveduCoach  the user can continue to think about the context in which the action is inserted and, even if it has begun, he can modify his thinking and therefore also his action because the reality he sees and acts on, includes the virtual one but it does not identify with it.
All this, of course, is not possible with other interactions such as mouse, touch screen and others, which concentrate all the user's attention in the execution of the movement not allowing him to explore instantly other solutions.

(C) 2017. Wavedu s.r.l. Startup Innovativa - wavedusrl@pec.it - Via Arce, 17 - 84125 - Salerno (Italy)
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